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The Early Years - 

Flater's Flambeau Point Resort, the point of land at the junction of the Chippewa and Flambeau Rivers had its 1st white man's building in 1938.  Many years ago, Native Americans used the rivers for travel, and the "Point" was a great stopping place for meeting, trading, and camping.  When the resort was first developed, many arrowheads were found on and around the property.  Harry and Mary Flater purchased the land and moved a large building from Ladysmith to the Point, made their home there and started the Resort.  There have now been six generations of Flaters who have lived, worked, and played on the Point of the Flambeau and Chippewa Rivers over the past 75 years.  Each generation has helped to develop and advance this historical point of land known as Flater's Resort.  


Harold and JoAnn Flater took over the business in 1954.  With the help of their children, they developed the resort more, putting in a campground, trailer park, and a ballpark complete with pavilion.  Harold, "Tubby", also guided for fishermen.  Snowmobiling brought a good winter business to the tavern and winterized cabins made it a year-round place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors along with a warm meal and brews indoors.  The landmark that lets you know you have made it to Flater's is a ‘dummy boat' which sits in the middle of the river just as you cross over the bridge on Hwy E.  It sits atop a couple of piers that were left over from one of the original bridges that has now been replaced three times during the Flater's three generations of ownership.  On this ‘dummy boat' are a couple of pretty little dummies casting out lines to fish.  A new solar light keeps the boat glowing well into the night hours.


Joe Flater, the current owner, took over in 1986...   


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